7 must have items to add to your Baby Registry & 7 things you don’t need

What you need on your baby registry

What you need on your baby registry

7 things to add to your Baby Registry and 7 thing to remove

Registering for your baby shower is equally exciting and overwhelming. As a first time parent you are eager to stock up on all the essentials for baby.

As with most parents you will be tempted to load your baby registry with every “ooh” and “aah” item you find that looks like it will make your life easier.

The truth is, there are tons of awesome products out there. Ones that you will use every single day and wonder how other people live without them. But there also will be items that you were so excited to register for that end up deep in your closet collecting dust.

One thing you will learn really quickly is that although you are bringing a tiny human home from the hospital, that little creature will take up a lot of space.

Soon enough your home will be overrun with toys, clothes, and gifts from every relative you have. For this reason you will want to be strategic with the items you add to your baby registry.

I have learned that some “must have” items on many registries end up being the things you use least. And the things you may forget to register for end up being the most necessary later.

So I have compiled the list below of true essentials to add to your baby registry vs. the items that I could certainly do without.

There is also a third category of “maybes”. These items are things that I didn’t end up using, but I could see why they would be helpful to other parents. I’ll give you my two cents so that you can decide if they would be useful to you.

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Must have items to add to your baby registry

Ice cube molds –  If you plan to make any of your own baby food, these ice cube trays are a god send. They are made of silicon and are BPA and phthalate free. The silicon makes them super easy to pop the baby food out once frozen. Each cube is 1 ounce so it is easy to keep track of how much you are feeding your baby at each meal.

The trays are also perfect for stacking on top of one another in the freezer for optimal storage.

I pore my pureed baby food into the tray, and then place the tray in a ziplock bag. After placed in the freezer for a couple of days I pop out the baby food into the ziplock so that I can reuse the tray.

I have purchased 4 (total of 8 trays) of these bad boys because they are so helpful.

To clean I simply throw them on the top rack of the dishwasher.

I have not baked with them yet, but silicon is also oven safe, so in the future if I wanted to use it to make tiny cakes, or brownies I am sure the product would hold up well.

Humidifier –  You will find humidifiers on nearly all baby registry lists. I have to admit, before having a baby I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. A thing that just pumps out mist into the room, how much can it really do?

Then I found out that babies have teeny little nasal cavities that are easy to get plugged up. Newborns are often congested and it sucks to watch and listen to your baby be congested without being able to do much.

Humidifiers help loosen up the mucus without needing to medicate your baby. It helps keep the air moist so that dry air isn’t making matters worse.

Bonus, if you plan to have the baby in your room for a while you will reap the benefits of the humidifier as well.

Dishwasher box –  It should come at no surprise that baby items (bottles, sippy cups, dishes, spoons, etc.) are pretty small. Small enough to get gobbled up by your dishwasher if  simply thrown in with everything else. So to keep your items together you will want a dishwasher basket that you keep in the top rack of your dishwasher.

Ours stays in our dishwasher at all times because with every load we have a nipple or spoon to wash. I also find it helpful for non-baby smaller items like measuring spoons and water bottle lids.

First aid kit – A first aide kit is something you definitely want to have on hand. As with anything else, the first time you feel that your baby is running a fever will be 10 pm on a Sunday when all stores are closed and you feel helpless. So make sure you have something on hand for peace of mind. I like this kit by Little Remedies because it is specifically made for little ones.

We have a very similar kit (this one to be exact) and it was super helpful after shots (when babies tend to have a slight fever spike), as well as when we traveled via plane. We used the nasal drops to keep her nose from getting dry, and thus less susceptible to germs, on the plane.

Baby gate –  When you first bring your little bundle home, they will be a cute little blob. They won’t move much from one place to another.

But before you know it, they will be crawling and cruising around the house. If you want to create a safe space that you can plop your baby down in so that you are able to do laundry, cook dinner, or heaven forbid, go to the bathroom, you will want a baby gate to keep your babe in place.

Many people use a pack n’ play or something similar as a container for that baby, but I like how gated play yards create more space for movement.

You can use it as a hexagon play yard, or you can open up the gate to enclose, or block off, certain parts of your home.

Ours is in our living room 24/7, but if we ever wanted to store it it will fold up nicely to be put in the closet or attic.

Nose Frida –  My sister gave me so much crap for this contraption. She would say “You suck out the baby’s snot?!” completely disgusted. And to be fair, yes, that is exactly what you do.

However, like I mentioned above about baby’s poor nasal cavities, the first time your baby has a runny nose you will feel helpless. Babies cannot blow their noses like an adult so they are stuck sucking up and blowing out the same bit of flem over and over (sorry for the TMI).

The Nose Frida is a super simple design. You just put the end of the tube against your babies nostril and then suck on the other side.

Most baby first aid kits come with a nasal aspirator in a bulb shape, but to me, those are completely useless. With the Frida you can suck for a longer duration to really get out all the gunk.

Travel bassinet – A travel bassinet is awesome for trips to grandma’s house or places without a crib for baby. But we ended up also using it a ton in our own home.

You will want a place to safely place your baby in nearly every room of your house. Although nothing feels as good as cradling your new born, occasionally you are going to need access to your own arms, so you will need to put that baby down.

We used this exact travel bassinet when our baby was first born so that she was able to nap in our living room while we could keep on eye on her.

It also was super helpful as she got older as a container space while I showered. I would place the bassinet on the floor right in front of the shower and she would happily hang out and kick her feet around while I was able to soap up.

When not being used it folds up super compact, so if you were just using it for other houses you could keep it in your car.

Items to remove from your baby registry

Shoes – Teeny tiny baby shoes are just the freaking cutest. They are also completely useless.

Your baby will do just fine in socks well into the crawling stage. In fact, it is recommended that your baby learn to walk while bare footed in the house.

Chances are, if you put cutesy shoes on your baby they will kick them off anyway.

If you cannot help yourself to add adorable baby shoes to your baby registry then get them in a toddler size (like these cute, but practical ones) instead. That way you can use them for trips to the park when your baby is just starting to learn to walk.

Novelty diapering items– You will see people on Pinterest raving about the latest thing to make the diapering process easier. For example, the Pee Pee Teepee, so your little guy doesn’t pee all over you, or the Bum Bum brush for applying butt paste.

I am not going to lie. I definitely bought a bum bum brush. And when I did, I thought it was the greatest thing ever.

I had no idea that diaper cream was the same exact texture as bathroom silicone sealant. It is seriously impossible to wash that stuff off your hands with soap and water.

So the first few times I changed a diaper I was at a loss for what to do with the cream stuck to my fingers. The bum bum brush appeared to be my saving grace. You use it like a paint brush to literally paint the cream into your little one’s tush. This prevents cream from getting on your hand.

But the thing is, is that you have to clean this brush. They suggest wiping it down with a wet wipe after each use, but that didn’t seem super sanitary to me.

And then, after I changed a few more diapers I realized that I could use a wipe on my own hand (duh) to clean off the paste.

Apparently, I am a slow learner because it took me way longer than necessary to make this observation, but I could have saved myself some money by simply using a wipe to clean up my own hand (and then following up with soap and water) from the beginning.

So, I say give it a few diapers changes to let yourself adapt to the learning curve. If you are still struggling with something, then go ahead and make the purchase. But you might just find a cheap or free solution right under your nose.

Bottle sterilizer – Of course you want spotless and germ free bottles, but do you really need a stand alone sterilizer?

We registered for one, and I was excited when someone purchased it for us. However, it took up valuable space on our counter tops when in use, and in our cupboards when put away.

Also, it required more cleaning maintenance than I was willing to keep up with. Depending on the water of your home you may quickly notice calcium buildup that is hard to get rid of.

So what to do instead? Simple. The same things our mothers did, and their mothers before them – simply boil bottles and bottle parts in a large pot of water.

Yes, it will take longer for the water to heat to a boil then it would for a sterilizer to do the job. However, you likely already have a pot in your kitchen that would work great, and clean up will be so much easier!

Or, if you can wait for a full dish washing cycle (and your items are dishwasher safe), throw your items in the dishwasher.

Automatic breast pump – This is something you may want after your baby is born, but I would wait on picking out the exact model until you are home from the hospital.

The hospital that I delivered in actually gave me attachment parts for a Medela pump, but I had already picked out a Avent model. Additionally, many hospitals either rent out pumps, or have a third party company they recommend that allows you to rent a pump as well.

What I would recommend, so that you are not pump-less, is purchasing (or registering for) a manual pump, like this one.

At first the idea of a manual pump seemed inefficient to me. However, I purchased one before we went on a vacation and man, did it come in handy.

During a long car ride, where we were unable to stop, I simply pumped while seat belted and then feed the bottle to our little one who was happy to eat in her car seat.

Manual pumps are much smaller and easier for traveling, don’t require a power supply or battery, and have less parts to maintain. They also are much quieter if you need to pump in a less then private space.

Even if you do end up with an electronic pump, I would suggest having a manual as a back up.

Impractical clothing – Although frilly, sparkly, and over-the-top baby clothes are so cute, it is highly unlikely you will dress your baby in them often enough to make it worth it.

Those super cute looks are often made of scratchy, uncomfortable material.

Also, your little one will grow so quickly they may outgrow that adorable outfit before you have a chance to dress them in it. So unless you are getting something specifically for a photo shoot or holiday, I would take them off your list.

Instead stick to super soft simple organic cotton onesies, pants, and socks. Your baby will appreciate it too!

Tons of baby lotions, soaps and other toiletries – There are a lot gift sets out there promising everything you will need for bathing and moisturizing your baby. While these kits may seem appealing, I would suggest you skip them for now.

Some babies (like ours) have super sensitive skin and eczema. So although typical baby wash has that classic sweet baby smell, you may find yourself in need of some sensitive skin alternatives.

Don’t buy (or register) in bulk until you know what works for your baby. Your pediatrician will likely have samples for you at your first visit (only a day or two after you leave the hospital) anyway. However, if you want to have some items ready at home start with the fragrance free versions, like this one, first.

Food steamer – If you plan on making some, or all, of your baby’s food once they start solids at about 6 months, you will definitely be steaming some fruit and veggies.

While there are many quality steamers on the market you will do just as well with a steaming pot (which you may already have on hand), or a steamer basket. You’ll save valuable storage space by already using the things you have.

Additionally, many awesome baby food recipes call for baking items in the oven, so you may be able to steam less than you think!

Items you may want to adjust on your baby registry

Changing table – I know that for some, a changing table is 100% essential. However, we found that we never used ours.

Instead, a towel on the floor (or on our large coffee table when she was really little) is a much more practical, safe, and comfortable place to change our baby.

A changing table pushed against the wall left very little room for actually changing diapers and our little one is a squirmer, so the height of a standard changing table was a little nerve racking.

Although a changing table is standard in nearly all nurseries, I would consider if you have a space that would work better, to use that instead.

For example, at my mom’s house she has a large vanity in her downstairs bathroom. She has changed 7 grandchildren’s diapers on top of a folded up towel in the corner of that vanity. Works like a charm!

Baby food processor – Again, if you are planning to make your own baby food you may think you need a food processor specifically for your baby. However, any type of food processor will work.

I use this Ninja food processor and it works great. It is compact and easy to clean.

So if you have anything already at home, you don’t need to add one to your baby registry.

However, if you don’t have anything that would be able to puree food into a smooth texture, then you should add one to your baby registry. I would still stick with a standard processor, as opposed to one specifically for baby food, just for practicality in the future.

Swing – Some people absolutely love their swing. They claim it is the only place they were ever able to get their baby to nap. So I picked one out and added it to our baby registry.

I actually completely forgot we had it until one day I was digging through her closet and saw the box. By that point she was too big for the swing and was napping fine without it. So ours was quickly returned.

More than one car seat (for two cars) – You may feel like you need to have every family car decked out with baby gear. However, if your baby registry includes an infant car seat with base (many come in a car seat/stroller combo) then you will only need the base unit for each car instead of an additional seat. Base units are way more affordable and more compact than a full seat.

You will just need to make sure you are able to transport the carrier (seat portion that clicks into the base) from car to car.

Enjoy your baby shower!

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