House renovations update

Apologies for being a day late with this! But we have been having a crazy couple of days.

This week I will likely only be posting once our twice so that we can move full force ahead on our renovations.

Yesterday began the full demo of our master bath and closet.

Luckily, our small house (just over 1000 sq ft) makes for a quick demo! Our contractor was able to take down the walls in our bathroom and closets in the first day alone.

On the second day he was able to frame in our closet, a closet in an adjacent room and our new bathroom door.

Things are moving along quickly and it is estimated that the job will be complete in two to three weeks. Ahhh, we are so close to having a second shower!

Once this project is complete we will have a full second bathroom (although if you are being nit-picky it will be a three-quarters bathroom because there will be a shower, but no tub). We will also have a small walk-in closet.

We are doing these things within the existing footprint of our home. How can we possibly fit that into our small home?

Well, that question plagued me for a long time.

From the moment we moved into our house my husband and I both knew that the half bath in our master bathroom wouldn’t be enough. The only shower in our home is in our hallway and is shared by all rooms. As our family grows we knew we would need the privacy of our own second shower.

When we first purchased our home, the inspector told us that he had seen other houses similar to ours where the owners took some space out of their room in order to have a full bath. Our master bedroom is already pretty small, so I didn’t understand how anyone could make it smaller.

I have a dresser and a tall chest of drawers that hold some of my clothing (think undies, socks, p.j.s, leggings), as well as a tiny closet where I hang shirts, pants and dresses. My poor husband’s stuff lives in the other room because there is no space in our closet for him.

In order to add the bathroom I knew I would have to get rid of one of my dressers. Already low on storage space, that didn’t make sense to me.

Then one night, it hit me!

We could take some space in our bedroom if there was a way to make our closet bigger so we could actually fit all of our clothes in there.

Our (24 inch deep, by 54 inch wide) closet perfectly backs up to the same size closet in the room adjacent to ours.

That room is a somewhat generous (for our house) size room for a child or guest. There is also a similar size closet at the end of the hallway that shares a wall with these closets as well. So the solution is to absorb the second bedroom’s closet and hall closet in order to make a walk-in of our own.

Since the second bedroom will be losing a closet, a new one will have to be framed out. This will make the second room slightly smaller, however we will be able to fit in a full 6 foot closet in that room which is bigger than what was there before.

So from all of this our room will get slightly smaller in order to accommodate for the full bathroom, and the second bedroom will be smaller for the new closet. But that is a small price to pay to make our home livable, I say!

I have drawn up these (admittedly horrible) mock ups to give you a better understanding. Yes, they were done in Microsoft Paint, no they are not to perfect scale, but it does give a better idea of what we are doing.

Here is our house before, you can see the three closets that butt up against each other creating a rectangle shape at the back of the house. All closets currently have sliding glass doors (in a not-so-beautiful shade of slightly rusted bronze). Also shown is our small master bathroom which is only long enough to house a toilet and vanity.

And here is the proposed after:

You can see the new closet framed out in bedroom #2, as well as the hall closet removed. Which then gives us our small walk-in closet. The bathroom has also been elongated into our room in order to fit a shower. The other small nook in the bathroom will provide floor to ceiling shelving for extra storage.

Unfortunately, we are only able to make our bathroom longer, but not wider. The extra length will allow us to add a 32 inch shower as long as we keep our vanity small (in a 24 inch width size). Originally I wanted a tub, but pickings are slim for tubs less than 54 inches in length (and we only have 53).

Also, since we will be flipping the plumbing to our toilet from the back will onto the side wall, our existing 29 inch deep toilet will have to be swapped for a 27 inch so that there is 24 inches of clearance between the toilet and the wall.

I know that is a lot of numbers, but if you are planing a renovation you will get really familiar with code requirements. Basically, you need 30 inches left to right for a toilet, as well as 24 inches of clearance between the bowl and the wall (where your legs fit when in use).

Here are a few pictures of the demo. Don’t you love the lime green paint we found on the walls from removing the existing fixtures? I am sure this house has lived through a lot of different trends and styles!



I want to share this just in case there is anyone else out there like me who thinks “we don’t have any square footage to spare!” Maybe our solution would work for  you too, or at least give you more to think about.

Of course I will have plenty to share as we go along. I love before and afters, so I am looking forward to sharing them with you!



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