House Renovation Update

Hi all! Yes, I am still here. Sorry, I know it has been a while.

To fill you in, we are currently in week 4 of our bathroom/closet remodel.

Because of this, we have been unable to stay in our home. I know for many houses and families simply not having one bathroom or closet space would be livable. However, at just over 1,000 square feet our house is just tiny enough that this small-ish renovation is basically taking over the majority of our home.

Therefore, we have been bunking at my parent’s house for the duration of the remodel. We are super lucky that we have family nearby and willing to put us up while we are unable to stay at our own home.

However, sleeping in a new place is still an adjustment for our 10 month old, so we have had plenty of sleepless nights.

Typically I would catch up on writing and finding inspiration during her nap times, but I will admit that lately I have been sleeping when she sleeps. This is the golden rule after all. When you are pregnant, or become a new parents pretty much everyone will tell you “sleep when the baby sleeps”. I am not a good napper, it takes me a long time to unwind and fall asleep, so I never really followed that piece of golden advice. But now I am kicking myself for it! Sleep is amazing and important and wonderful. It keeps you sane and a full (or at least partially) functioning human.

But with that extra sleep I have had very little time to be anything but “mommy”, so I apologize for being so quiet here lately.

Blah, blah, blah, boring life stuff.

Anyway, back to the renovation.

Everything is moving along well. Our master closet is done, and look amazing. Although it barely qualifies as a walk-in it certainly does a better job than our previous closet.

I know the pictures are hard to see, but this is what it looks like now:


You can see our custom shelving and clothes racks. Currently the closet is missing a door, however I will be installing a sliding barn door just as soon as I make one (Yes, I am going to try to tackle that DIY).

On the floor we went with a laminate for durability. We didn’t see the point of spending a ton of money on a floor we will rarely see (let’s face it, my clothes will be covering the majority of the floor as soon as we move in), so we went with a flooring from Home Depot that is only 79 cents a square foot! Honestly, I am impressed with how nice it looks. It gets great rating too, so hopefully it holds up well.

The baby’s room also got a revamp in the form of  new closet. As previously mentioned, in order to make our closet larger, we absorbed the closet that was previously a part of her room.

We certainly couldn’t leave her room completely closet-less, so we framed out a new one. It is actually larger than her closet was previously, so I am sure she will appreciated that when she is older.

Her room is now slightly smaller, but it is still perfect for a kids room.

We chose not to put closet doors on for now. The previous closet had mirrored doors that were fine, but we rarely ever closed them anyway. Also, my sister has a friend who as an adult has a large scar on her back caused by falling into a mirrored closet as a kid. The idea of that happening is truly horrifying, so for now we are door free. Should we change our minds in the future the closet is framed to allow for doors.

I also painted her closet a loud aqua color. Once her clothes take up the space you will barely see it, but I wanted a fun pop of color in her room and now was the perfect time to add it.

Our bathroom is further from being complete. Currently, the plumbing is done and the shower has been framed out. On the To Do List is tiling, grouting, installing the toilet, vanity, shelves, and shower doors. A hefty list that I hope gets completed in the upcoming week.

We are looking forward to moving back into our home so much. We have spent so much time at my parent’s house I am beginning to wonder if I will even know how to live in my own home.

My husband and I have been joking that our little one is convinced that we moved and will be truly disappointed when we return to our home (which is basically a shack in comparison to my parent’s home).

Oh well! It’s our home just the same. We aren’t full on “Tiny House Living”, but sometimes it feels pretty darn close.

The second full bath is going to make such a difference and I am really excited to try out our new shower.

Stay posted for the finished product. I am really excited to show you all the tiling and design of the shower!

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