Mouse in the house – eek!

Our renovations are complete (posts and photos to come) and we are all moved back into our house. Unfortunately, we are not alone…

During the construction of our new bathroom and closets our contractor frequently left the front door open. No blame to him, obviously having the front door open allows for easier trips to and from a truck. However, it also allows critters to freely waltz into our home uninvited.

We knew that we had a little mouse friend living in the bushes in front of our house because we have occasionally seen it skitter across our walkway. Rodents may bother most people, but as long as they are outside of my home, I don’t have any issue. House mice are actually pretty cute when you see them from a distance and don’t have to worry about them chewing your face of as you sleep (that totally happens, right?).

It all started with an occasion oddly shaped piece of mud (you know where I’m headed with this…). The kind that looks like a brown tic tac. It was a little too consistently shaped to be traces of mud, so I began to wonder if we had a creature. But really I was only seeing two or three pieces of “mud” every couple of days. If you quickly do a search about house mice you will find that they poop 70 times a day (talk about being regular!) so I was hesitant to jump to the fact that our visitor was a permanent one.

That was until one day when my mom and I were shampooing an area rug in our living room. She pulled away my coffee table and saw pieces of a shredded Kit Kat wrapper and then she moved the table a little more and there was a once full tube of vanilla scented lotion half eaten and pulverized. I have never seen anything like it. It was as though the tube had been through a cheese grater. There was little pieces of plastic everywhere.

And who knew lotion was so delicious? To be fair, that particular scent wasn’t one of my favorites because it really did smell just like a tub of frosting. So I suppose it would make sense that it might taste good as well (I can’t say I ever tried it).

But THEN the little sh*t ate another one of my lotions two days later, and this time it was unscented! WTF? I guess the little guy was just craving some good old fashion moisturizer.

But I digress…

I’m sure most home owners have had an unwanted critter in their house before. It’s all just part of taking care of a home. But man, is it draining.

I walk around the house half wanting to see the damn thing to catch it, and half terrified that I am actually going to have to see it.

The first night we put out traps with little pieces of cheese as bate. In the middle of the night I heard a SNAP and was sure we had caught him. And then two hours later another SNAP. Hmmm….did we have more than one?

When my husband and I heard the traps go off we were dreading with the idea of dealing with the aftermath of actually catching the thing.  It turns out we got what we wished for because the little mouse genius managed to eat the cheese off of two traps and set them off, but escape from the scene.

We still have traps out but haven’t been able to catch him (not sure why I assume he is a he? I guess because I would hope a fellow female wouldn’t feel the need to eat my lotion and then sh*t on my shag rug, but whatevs).

We would prefer to catch him in the more humane traps which are more of a catch and release style as opposed to a true “trap”. Both my husband and I are pretty weak sauce when it comes to physically harming any pests.

These are the moments when as an adult you feel anything but grown up. What I think we both really want is for our mommy and daddy to come over and take care of the problem for us.

But that means one day our kids will want that of us to, so I guess we have to practice being grown ups now!

We haven’t seen any sign of the mouse for a couple of days now but I still feel like we haven’t fully relaxed enough to feel like we aren’t going to wake up to a new pet or a mound of poo.

Have you ever had a mouse in the house? How did you deal with it?



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