The Best Makeup for Fair Skin

The Best Makeup for Fair Skin - full face

The Best Makeup for Fair Skin

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The Best Makeup for Fair Skin - full face

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

ME! So where can I find some freaking makeup for my pale skin!?

Ahh, the struggle is real when trying to find makeup for fair skin.

It seems impossible to find the perfect shade of makeup when your skin tone hardly registers as any type of color at all (speaking from personal experience, of course).

Even the lightest shades of foundation are often tinged with a yellow undertone.

Which, at best makes me look like my middle school self having gone a little heavy on the bronzer, and at worst, I look like I have the flu.

Even harder still is finding the illusive concealer that is “one shade lighter than your natural skin tone” in order to achieve the bright under eye look.

If only it were that easy…

I have spent the last decade plus on the hunt for products that will work for my fair skin, and I have managed to build up a collection of products that finally fit the bill.

For reference, I am super white (the kind of white where if my skin is peaking out from under a sheer top it appears that I am wearing a white undershirt, when of course, I am not) with pink undertones. My freckles have faded over the years, but my hair has remained a strawberry blonde hue, so I still consider myself part of the “ginger” club.

Below you can find my top picks for pale skin beauty.

The Best Makeup for Fair Skin – Foundation

The Best Makeup for Fair Skin - foundation

I have used this foundation (available here) since my mom and I first purchased our kits while watching an infomercial.

At that time the shades were far more limited and the lightest color was called “fairly light” which came in a kit with a foundation one shade darker as well.

I accepted the slightly too dark color as the fate of the pale skinned girl and went on with my life. That was until many years down the road when the company expanded in a major way and then began to offer a wider variety of shades.


Now, I use the shade “Fair”. Not “fairly light”, or “fairly medium”, the only thing I am is fairly fair. It is perfect for me, and has been my go to product for years.

It also provides SPF 15 which is important especially for those who are sun challenged like myself.

In general, I would say that the coverage is medium, but build-able.

For a truly pore free skin finish I recommend using a primer first, like this classic in order to fill in any small lines or pores before dusting on your powder.

The Best Makeup for Fair Skin – Concealer

The Best Makeup for Fair Skin - concealer

As I mentioned above, the under eye concealer has been the pain in my side for more years than I can count.

Every beauty experts seems to agree that you should find a color one shade lighter than your natural tone in order to make you appear more wide eyed and awake. It’s hard enough for me to find a shade that matched my skin tone, let alone something even lighter!

That was until I found this shade (in Fare Neutral) by Urban Decay (available here). It is a pure porcelain that stays true to it’s color on your skin.

It has also been my favorite because it’s the only under eye concealer I have ever use that doesn’t immediately settle into the creases under my eyes.

A little goes a long way with any type of concealer, so I use it sparingly. After applying the concealer I set it with a sheer powder (this one is my favorite because it is sheer and very finely milled).

If the above concealer is still too dark for you (first of all, you have me beat in skin paleness which is quite the feat!), then the sales associate at Sephora recommended using this shade of “pink”.

The pink hue is actually intended as a color corrector to counteract dark circles. I would have never considered using it as a stand alone under eye concealer, but it totally worked!

I tried it on in the store and it was gorgeous. At the time they were out of stock, so I took home the first one above instead. However, the pink tone is perfect for those of us with the pinky/red undertones and fair skin.

Again, I would recommend setting any type of concealer (with this) to make sure your coverage lasts all day.

The Best Makeup for Fair Skin – Bronzer

The Best Makeup for Fair Skin - bronzer


I have mentioned this bronzer (available here) time and time again. For me, Physicians Formula simply makes the best bronzer in any price point. Their formulas are never muddy and allow me to build to the level of color that I want.

This one is in a light shade perfect for fair skin tones. It also provides SPF 20, definitely a plus!

With a flattering matte finish (no annoying glitter/over the top shimmer) your glow will look natural without having to expose your sensitive skin to harmful rays.

Physicians Formula carries shades for the lightest of skin, and then medium/dark coverage as well. I can get away with using their medium shades when using a light hand when applying.

Their bronzers are super affordable and I am always pleased with the quality.

The being said, I never use the brush that comes in the packaging and instead use something like this which provides much better control during application.

The Best Makeup for Fair Skin – Blush

The Best Makeup for Fair Skin - blush

I love this perfect shade of blush (available here).

A warm pink with slightly peachy undertones always looks beautiful on pale skin. This blush (in shade Love Hangover) lasts all day and provides the perfect hint of color.

Also, the packaging totally reminds me of Polly Pocket with is an extra bonus, for sure.

All of their blushes are beautiful. Pricier than those you would find in a drugstore, but the quality can’t be beat!

The Best Makeup for Fair Skin – Eyeliner

the best makeup for fair skin - eye liner

Many makeup professionals feel as though those with fair skin, or light hair should use softer shades of brown for their eyeliner as opposed to traditional black.

I strongly disagree with those professionals. I want my eyes to pop just as much as any other lady out there, so I always go with black.

I prefer a liquid formula because of it’s versatility. I assume that I don’t have to explain the challenges of a fair skinned girl to you, since you are here after all, but just as background…having pale eyelashes sucks!

If you are like me, then when you are not wearing mascara, your eyelashes are basically white.

This causes a bit of a challenge when wearing mascara alone, because even the best mascara out there (this is my favorite) can’t come quite close enough to the base of your eyelashes to cover them completely. So you are left with this sad little area nearest your eyelids that remains absent of color. For this area liquid liner is your best friend.

After applying mascara I simply use this liquid liner to fill in the small area where the mascara couldn’t. This ensures my entire lashes are coated from root to tip. Depending on my mood I also may finish with a small flick of the wrist for a subtle cat eye.

This bargain brand (available here) is definitely my favorite. I have been using it forever and love the control I have when using it. If I make a mistake (hey, no one is perfect) I simply wait for it to dry and then take a q-tip and smudge it away.

The Best Makeup for Fair Skin – Lipstick and Gloss

the best makeup for fair skin - lip products

I am not really a “lipstick” kind of person (although my makeup kit would say otherwise). I tend to collect shade after shade and never use any of them because I simply don’t feel like myself with bold colors on my lips.

I feel like I suddenly turn into me as a child attempting to look like my mother. And whether or not the lipstick is flattering, if I am not comfortable, then I am not going to look my best.

However, this truly magical lipstick (available here) has been comfortably positioned in my purse since I purchased it. There for me throughout the day when I need a little pick-me-up.

First of all, the lipstick is green. No, I am not kidding. The actual stick is a shocking shade of green, which makes sense in that the color is called “Frog Prince”. However, once you swipe the formula on your lips it transforms into a universally flattering sheer shade of mauvey-pink.

It’s the perfect balance of looking pulled together without feeling over the top.

Oh, and it’s also fun to put on in front of family and friends and watch their “WTF” faces thinking you are about to rock some super bold electric green lip color.

If you would rather stick with a gloss instead of a lipstick fear not, there are great ones out there for you.

My favorite lip colors are the “my lips but better” look. Not necessarily a “nude”, because often I end up looking like a corpse when I try on something labeled in that category.

But instead, more of a light mauve/pink color that makes me look like a better version of myself.

This lipgloss in shade “Dolly” (available here) is that perfect color for me. It is dark enough to provide a wash of color, but never too dark that I have to worry about how I apply it (no mirror required).

The formula is slightly sticky so it doesn’t wear off right away, but not so sticky that your lips become tacky and slimy.

It’s just an all-around classic and something I have received compliments on many times over.

Also, a tube lasts a long time, so I’m not running to the store all the time to stock up.

The Best Makeup for Fair Skin – Eye Shadow

The Best Makeup for Fair Skin - eye shadow

I am not sure If I have included this palette (available here) in a previous post or not, but if I haven’t I have failed you.

The colors of the quad are simply the most boring your have ever seen. Yes, you read that right…boring. In the packaging they are unremarkable and just kind of “blah” basic.

However, once you apply these shadows you will see what all of the fuss is about. The browns are warm and flattering and blend beautifully. If you are going for the no-makeup makeup-look this will be your best friend.

The top left color is my absolutely favorite eye shadow color of all time, hands down. This says a lot. I wear it on it’s own for a subtle look, but I also find myself constantly reaching for it when I want to “warm up” another shade.

I even use it over the top of some of my more expensive eye shadows when I think I went a little too smokey.

Basically, it makes my eyes look alive and allows me to subtle alter other colors in my collection.

In college I even use to blend it with “Purple Haze” by Urban Decay (which has since been continued, go figure), which by itself is a shocking shade of bright purple, but together they blended into this beautifully subtle purple color bringing out my green/blue eyes.

The cream color in the top right of the quad is a perfect base, and the darker hues of brown allow you to smoke out, or contour like a pro. Just toss out the brushes that come with the quad and use a set like this instead.

And there you have it, some of the best products out there for the fair skinned lady.

Most importantly, always make sure you start any makeup routine with lots of SPF!

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